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  2. Anyone not having a Day of Coordinator?
  3. 4 Reasons You Need to Hire a Wedding Coordinator
  4. Wedding Planners, Stylists & Coordinators; What's The Difference?

By Morgan Greenwald September 17, Read This Next. State From sea to shining sea, women tie the knot at a younger age than men.

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What you MUST know if you don't have a Wedding Planner

The only thing you have to read is this article. Recent research identifies the mindset that leads 77 percent of women to fake it. Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn.

Anyone not having a Day of Coordinator?

She knows about how long everything will actually take so you don't have to guess and hope for the best. Imagine showing up to your wedding rehearsal as a blushing bride. You've got your hair in just the right place, your make up is perfect and you have the most adorable white dress on with heels to match. They're all looking for direction and without a coordinator, they're looking at YOU. Maybe you know exactly where you want everyone to be and you're a take-charge kind of gal but your best friend and maid of honor is chatting you up about her most recent love affair.

Your trusty groom is laughing with his groomsmen without a thought towards rehearsing.

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Your grandma has arrived and needs a place to sit down. Your mom is asking you where she can find a chair for grandma. You can't concentrate on one person before the next needs you.

4 Reasons You Need to Hire a Wedding Coordinator

You try to begin rehearsing but are continually interrupted by such issues. Your groomsmen and bridesmaids are flirting and playing while you're trying to organize them. You begin to sweat. That pretty makeup is starting to run and your hair is going flat.

Wedding Planners, Stylists & Coordinators; What's The Difference?

You don't want to raise your voice and be a "bridezilla" but you know you've got to be rehearsed and off the premises in a timely manner as well as get to your rehearsal dinner on time. With a coordinator, you can relax. You can smile and talk with your bridesmaid about her newest boyfriend while the groom chats with his groomsmen.

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  6. Your coordinator knows exactly where the restroom is. She knows exactly where a chair is for grandma, in fact, your coordinator got here early and set up a few chairs for your family members to have a place to sit. Your coordinator will tell your bridal party where to stand, how to line up and when to walk down the aisle. Your coordinator will make sure everyone is on task and on time. She'll keep a watch on, so you don't have to. You don't have to boss anyone around, you can smile, look pretty and enjoy the moment with your groom. Your Heartwood Hall wedding coordinator will arrive before your ceremony and make sure everything is in it's correct place.

    She'll chat with your DJ to make sure they're on the same page. Since she knows this venue like the back of her hand, she'll be able to assist him if he needs a chair, an outlet, some water, etc. She'll chat with your officiant to be sure he's ready and help with anything he may need. Most importantly, she'll check on the bride, groom and parents to help with anything they may need. During the ceremony, she'll make sure everyone is on-time, lined up and ready to walk the aisle.

    Since the bride, bridesmaids and parents are obviously busy, she can take care of all of this. The bride is free to concentrate on enjoying the occasion. Your Heartwood Hall wedding coordinator works with our catering staff.

    Let them lean on their experience to get you the best price and make the most of your budget. Emotions can run high at weddings. But having a wedding planner by your side during such an emotionally charged process can be a huge advantage. If a certain relative has strong opinions on something, say for example the seating arrangement, then a wedding planner can step in as a neutral third party and mediate the situation. Your email address will not be published.