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Now here, Tripp comes in, greets them and notices that they overheard their argument, but shrugs it off. Ava comes in and asks where David is, and Javi explains that he was taken away from Joan Determinant.

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Eleanor says even after they are able to rescue David, they will still have another issue to deal with on escaping. They make a plan, and Javi and Gabe are assigned to get guns from the armory.

Javier and Gabe, along with Ava, make their way to the Armoury. Ava distracts Bob, the guard at the door, and Javier and Gabe sneak inside Determinant. Javier and Gabe take guns and ammunition, as well as collecting Javier's baseball bat that was confiscated earlier. They meet up with Ava, who tells them to head to the entrance Determinant. However, on their way, they encounter a guard.

The Flare Path: Thicker Than Water

Gabe will burst out of the closet the two hide in to attack the guard, doing minimal damage: Javier and the guard will fight, resulting in a shoulder injury for Javier, and the guard being stuffed, unconscious, into the closet. Ava suggests that they head for the medical center, as - due to his friendship with David - Dr Lingard will help. When they arrive, Ava and Gabe keep watch while Javier meets Lingard - who is unconscious after injecting himself with drugs.

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Clementine also reveals she is looking for sanitary items, as she has started her period, but does not understand what it means. Clementine offers to stitch up Javier's shoulder injury, showing her own scar, from All That Remains , if Javier asks her if she has stitched a wound before. A flashback will happen depending on your choice of going with Kenny or Jane in No Going Back before another flashback to Clementine being met by Ava after Clementine's exile from the New Frontier.

After both flashbacks, Clementine finishes stitching Javi's arm and Lingard wakes up soon after. Lingard asks about David and tells Javier and Clementine about how David took care of AJ and helped Lingard himself care about his life, other people and Richmond. Lingard asks Javier to kill him with a lethal injection because he fears for David's life and he offers to tell Clementine where AJ is in exchange. If Javier or Clementine if Javier makes no decision accepts the deal, Lingard reveals that AJ is located at the McCarroll Ranch before being killed by whoever accepted the deal; if the deal is rejected, Lingard is simply left alone and Javier and an unhappy Clementine meet up with Ava and Gabe and leave.

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Javier, Ava and Gabe return with Clementine to where they had originally made their plan to go to the armory. Javier and the others make a plan to stop Joan and escape using a truck. If Conrad is still alive he leaves the group at this point. Javier decides that he, Clementine, Kate and Gabe will go after the truck, Tripp says that he and Eleanor will gather supplies and Ava arranges to meet them at the town square.

Javier, Clementine, Kate and Gabe set out to find the truck and Javier finds it in a garage after some searching. Javier and Clementine notice some people in a separate area of the garage and hide at the nearest side of the truck. Gabe and Kate enter the garage and Javier suggests that Kate steers the truck while he and the others push it so that they can move the truck without alerting the people.

When the truck is out of the garage they find that there is no ignition key and Javier hotwires it after finding a hammer and wire cutters. After hotwiring the truck and driving away, Javier tells Kate that they now just have to wait for Ava to contact them over walkie-talkie. Javier and Kate talk and Gabe and Clementine play Euchre, a card game, while they rest near the town square. During their conversation, Kate confesses her love to Javier and asks if he feels the same way.

However Javier responds, Ava finally contacts them afterwards alerting them to Joan's plan to hang David and begins to tell them to get to the square before her speech is cut off. Javier, Gabe and Clementine then head to the town square with Kate staying in the truck either because she is upset with how Javier responded to her and Javier leaves her alone and upset or as a part of the plan that she tells Javier before they give each other a goodbye kiss.

Javier, Clementine and Gabriel arrive at the town square. Joan begins her speech, and sentences David to death by hanging for his actions. Lingard corpses of people Javier and David killed as evidence. Joan notices Javier, and invites him to speak publicly in front of the crowd. Click here to edit the reward data.

Doctor Who: Thicker Than Water - Doctor Who - The Monthly Adventures - Big Finish

Sneak into Rytlock's office and talk to the guard. You can either talk your way past or kill him. Then take the key to the stockade and make your way down manually. You'll stay in the same instance until Vallus is free. You will meet Emer Whipmane outside Vallus's cell. She will attack you to prevent Vallus from being freed. Further back still is her father and his fraught relationships with his mother, brother and step-father.

Thicker Than Water - 2005

Book extract. Media release. High-res cover image. Rossiter writes in parched and spartan prose, often with piercing psychological insight about love and trauama, avoidant behaviour and erotic confrontation The beautifully written Thicker Than Water takes readers on a journey Readers will find this novella hard to put down.