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I bond with them. They bond with me. We interact in my comments and on Twitter. But they also want to read more of what I write, wherever and whenever I write it. They spread the word, tell their friends, become ambassadors and raving fans … and often buy everything I sell as well as taking advantage of my free offers, for that matter. The smaller the group who takes something from your writing, the more exclusive those people feel.

But anything obscure will work. It worked because it was a throw-away line. Either way, the action marched on. A few Easter eggs are fun. A diet of Easter eggs will give your readers heartburn. Yeah, he used to be funny. It should feel natural. Write what comes to you — and then stop yourself from editing all of the gems out. I use Easter eggs because I love finding them myself. Let those go; no one likes a bad Easter egg. The name of the game is connection, and like so many other pieces of advice in the blogosphere, much of this boils down to finding your right people.

Great content builds a wider audience. About the Author: Johnny B. Truant lays lots of high-quality Easter eggs at his blog, JohnnyBTruant. Johnny B. It comes across as a bit condescending when you point out how clever you are compared to your audience. After working for years with a bunch of software engineers who liked to put Easter eggs into their code, I can totally get it see how it would work. This reminds me of John Hughes movies. In many of his movies, his style included having his characters look into the camera at certain points.

Johnny, You did it man, after hearing all the whining about the blogging echo chamber — you pull off a gem like this. It reminds me that you should always be on the hunt to give something special to your die-hard audience. I watched that film over a dozen times — looking for more of these easter eggs. Great post! I work at a private school and was talking with a trustee once about social media and non institutional voice.

Cracks me up every time. This is great advice. When we try too hard to avoid excluding anyone, we end up losing the most important people. Great post, one of your best ever imho. I laughed out loud. One of my favorites is contained in this post. Stanford, great example, Tarantino is the king of Easter Eggs.

I loved this post! I was surprised how few people got the easter eggs in my ELO post though. Ooh, Phineas and Ferb is the current ruler of my heart for all the one-liners and unexplained in-jokes. BTW easy access to punk rock tees at the mall thanks, Hot Topic kind of diluted the waters. I was at a preschool birthday party a few months ago and one of the dads had a Leningrad Cowboys shirt on.

I said I loved the movie and he had absolutely no idea what I was talking about. Great article! I always like throwing movie or TV quotes into my writing. Haha, too many good things to comment on. But then I look it up, and often I can figure it out. Fun stuff!

That made me LOL. ChrisG, your ELO post was the perfect example of one that made people giggle if they found the Easter eggs, and yet worked perfectly well without them.

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Apparently I need to get some Phineas and Ferb. Johhny thanks for writing this. I had to reblog it. Nice one. I actually just pulled out Uniqua because it was the only name I remembered from when my son used to watch it. But I definitely agree that if done sparingly no harm is caused, and much good is achieved. Those are exactly the tidbits that you need for a cult following. Great info!!! The references and metaphors they make are witty and not obvious to the average head nodder dancing away in the club, but for those of us that get it, we love it, and love them in return.

Say, how would like to go fishing this weekend? But I got roundups to do. You can do it on the boat. The third episode of Arrested Development hooked me for the rest of the series. The episode had Buster Tony Hale blasting into a minute-long bleep-fest, complete with hand gestures and a fearful look from the Jason Bateman. This is a great article. Personally, I hate to be left out of a joke. Love it!

I will look out for ur easter eggs now! Dear Mr. Vernon Clark, we accept the fact that we have to sacrifice Thursdays and Fridays in suspension for whatever it was we did wrong. You teach us what you want to teach us… In the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But what we found out is that each one of us is a Clark, a Chartrand, a Simone, and a Truant. Sincerely, The Copyblogger Club. I just made a Baron Harkonnen reference in a Facebook message. Hell, he went so far as to write himself into the Dark Tower series, making his accident and survival into a critical plot point, where he was rescued by his fictional characters.

3 Myths About Millionaires - Phil Town

Now, that takes guts. Also, Brian is right on about it not mattering if anyone else gets it. The readers who do catch onto the joke enjoy a deeper level of satisfaction from the piece. Whenever possible, I regularly write obscure references to Caddyshack, Rush the band , and Major League Baseball umpires. This changes everything!!! I find ways to place words from songs, poems, and literature into my writing. I do not mean apposite quotes, I mean hunks of text that do not stand out whatsoever. It is oddly satisfying to do this. Can he DO that? But it brought a whole new level of revelation, pointing out to a crazy new level what was actually possible in a story.

But I would have gotten it if you had talked about a giant floating baby head. This plays a large part in what I do at Delight Specialist. Secret knowledge has vast power.

Secrets Of A Network Marketing Millionaire

Glad to see it getting some broader recognition, Johnny. I like the idea of hidden Easter Eggs. It always feels like a reward and makes me feel like an insider. Chris — I totally forgot to mention that it was actually you who made me decide to write about this. So thank you for that reminder! Johnny, awesome. The more silly grins there are in the world, the happier I am! Catherine Caine, Firefly makes for the best Easter eggs, since about 8 people saw it but they were all very cool.

The 10-Minute Millionaire Insider

Yes Aaron Arrested Development has lots of eggs! I seem to find new ones on each repeat viewing hell-o instant Netflix! A few of my favorites are in the episode Good Grief. Schulz fans will love that one. Though the rubber chicken may reign as the figurehead of easy comedy, you have proven that the real power lies with the eggs. This reminds me of my favourite people I follow on Twitter. I wonder where else this applies? Thanks for sharing this! People tend to be fancy, and tendency is they miss on some important things.

The shorter, the sweeter for me. Anyway thanks for sharing this, it is an interesting concept and something that I will consider for the future. Thanks for sharing that information. I think the invention of the hyperlink really helped to facilitate those of us who like a good inside joke. At the risk of sounding unfashionably high-brow, Shakespeare was always burying hidden meanings in his language.

He was a master of the double entendre and often quite filthy. I used to have a blog about hip-hop and I slipped obscure lyrics into it all the time without explaining the reference. To my surprise, I attracted an audience that works in the music industry, and that helped jumpstart my career.

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Thank you. Status: Answered. Very deceptive Advertising Practices. Very deceptive Advertising practices. In the 3 months I have been a member of the Weekend Profits, i have only been able to get in on a trade 1 time with the recommandations that Tim sent and actually lost money before I can get out on Monday morning. About ever other week or more there was no trade.

Two times he did have a trade and I get a text message and I wasn't able to even log into the site to see what the trade was because of site issues. Three times I know of he sent a text with the buy up two mark already met and I wasn't even able to get in because price was already to high. I feel like they are using use to help make the price go up so they can make money and not to help us make money. Plus they never say that in order to make money you have to have a very high amount of money to invest.

Like I said earlier I was only ever able to get into one trade and I lost money on that one. The Penny Stock Letter has also been a joke and have always watched the suggested stocks which has never went up over that week. When I call even though they are nice, all I get is that they want to give me a discount to extend substriptions. To date that refund has not been received.

I emailed them again today, July 30, and they responded with the same email from June 27, that they submitted the refund, which they have not.

Effective Approaches for Settling Cases

We contacted the credit card company who informed me that there is no refund from this business on my account. These funds may have already reached you. After the guarantee was changed. I suspected something was wrong whereas you would quit your regular job and make a lot of money. Since I was sick and needed to change my career somewhat I tried.

So instead of continue to buy them I investigated the BBB and found a lot of simular complaints. I really do not complaint.

Reader Interactions

But to me this is out of my range to afford to carry on to loose large amounts of money and being told to give up your membership in thier offers, so I would like my money returned. If there's anything further we can do for you, please don't hesitate to write back within this form or contact our Customer Service department at or feedback agorafinancial. Very unsatisfied and opened a dispute with my CC company. Realized I couldn't win so I pulled the dispute but told Agora Financial how unhappy I was and to never renew my subscription, which is all I needed to do.

Agora told me they would have refunded had I not opened a dispute but now it is out of their hands, but once dispute is over, which it is I do not see why they cannot now refund my charge. Once it has been concluded - which should be within the next weeks - you will be refunded by your credit card company if the decision is in favor of you; or if it is decided in our favor we will immediately process your refund at that time.

11 personal finance books you should read before you turn 30 | Financial Post

We apologize for the inconvenience. The letter you forwarded to me from them says if decision is not in my favor and they charge me again for the issue at that time they will then issue me a full refund. Well charge hit my account and they still tell me it is an open issue and cannot answer any of my questions.

Just wanted to respond to you in the time frame you gave to tell you it has not yet been satisfactorily resolved. Thank you for you time and effort. Again thank you for your quick response but this is going nowhere. You have now forwarded 2 responses to me from Agora Financial that basically says if the bank decides in their favor they will gladly refund my money.

If that is not a decision in their favor I do not know what it. When I call they keep telling me it is out of their hands and I need to talk with the bank, but the bank already issued it's answer by recharging me. I do not want to waste anyone's time but Agora keeps saying when it is decided in their favor they will refund the money well it has been decided in their favor and still no money and they won't even talk to me about the issue.

On , I purchased a life time free Agora financial associates reports package but they are now charging for each report I accessed. He said OK.

However after that point I accessed some reports and Agora Financial charged me for each individual report. I've been in contact with them about this but they insist I talk to my credit card company. My credit card company said they can't credit it back to me. I've written Agora and my credit card company many times but this is still not resolved. They did correct that part.

I would like all of the charges for the individual reports I accessed after signing up the life time Agora Financial reports package credited back to me. There was nothing purchased that would have allowed you access to the full range of our subscriptions - only Tim Sykes' Weekly Fortunes and Zach's Weekly Sqwak Box. And each of these subscriptions has been cancelled as a result of the refunds so you will not be able to access them going forward without paying again. Agora Financial engages in deceptive advertising practices.

The results they guarantee to be achievable are not possible for the small investor. The massive profits he promises are only possible if you have massive amounts of money to invest since these are penny stocks. In addition, I was only ever able to get in on one trade. Even sitting here with my laptop open and ready to go, when the texts come out it is already too late and the stock has moved too high to get in at his limit price. I eventually called the company and told them of my experience. They declined to refund my money but did offer to transfer the remainder of my subscription to any other program.

This sales pitch also made grandiose promises for huge profits. With this amount of money, you can get in on very few trades as these are options and once you sell an options contract your money is tied up until the option either expires or is exercised, in which you must start a new round of contract sales.

I have been stuck with a stock for several months now that I was forced to buy at a loss. His latest recommendation is to sell a 3rd call contract that would keep me tied up in this position until December. He advertises an overall 95 percent success rate in selling the put contracts and then having them expire. The other 4 contracts have been exercised and I had to buy the stocks only to then have to sell them at a loss.

There is no way to have any chance to recover the cost of the subscription if you are a smaller investor. I have been so burned by this company. I am an intelligent individual and take care when making financial decisions. This company's advertising practices are deceptive as they don't give enough honest information to make an informed decision.

They also actively recruit seniors claiming they can supplement their retirement income. Seniors beware! Unless you already have lots of money and can afford to have it tied up for months at a time, this company is not for you. The other complaint I have about this company is that once you purchase a service from them you will be inundated with emails from them.