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  1. The 5 Stages of Helping a Friend Through Grief
  2. How to Help a Grieving Friend
  3. Sheryl Sandberg’s new book isn’t just a memoir on grief, it’s a critical guide to reclaiming life
  4. Lessons in Loss: What We Can Learn from Grief
Journey Through Grief

He talks about the expansion and contraction of life and that plays out both in life and business. There is just so many good nuggets in this episode not only for dads or men in general but for women as well. Pam shares how she took care of her mother when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

The 5 Stages of Helping a Friend Through Grief

She talks about how she had to trust the additional caregivers that had to be brought in, how people can help in those situations and how she had to grieve and give care at the same time. We talk in depth of the process from diagnosis to passing, and you will hear a few tears here and there in this conversation. We also talk as a nurse how it was different to care for someone at home as opposed to hospital care, the hardships in providers and how her mom was her most favorite patient.

She gives great advice for those going through the process of caregiving at home and the need to lean on your tribe…clearly my mom is where I get my passion for taking care of your tribe and allowing your tribe to help you as well. I love that she found peace in this situation and was proud of the care that she gave because she did an incredible job…even if I am incredibly biased. We chat about how her photography business has opened her up to the opportunity of homeschooling her children.

We talk about how her faith has helped her immensely in every step of her journey in motherhood and also her business. I am the storyteller this week and I am telling my story of motherhood. From miscarriage to a healthy baby and my first year of motherhood. I talk about how I was nervous to become a mom, the silver lining of miscarrying our first baby and my honest thoughts about pregnancy.

Ahhh pregnancy hormones. I discuss the changes that happened to me once I became a mom and some great advice that I was given. Bianca Reed shares her journey to motherhood in our Mother's Day series! Some women know all of their lives that they want to be mamas and others aren't so sure. Bianca shares how she went from not a baby person to now a mama of 1 adorable little girl and 1 on the way! We talk about the heartbreak of miscarriage, of not knowing other people's journey and trusting God's timing.

This is a very real conversation of how life isn't all sunshine and roses but there are lots of silver linings! Latest Most played Most popular Search. Marshall Atkisson is definitely in my top 2 guests, and I think you will fall instantly in love with him.

Please note: I'm incredibly biased as I am his mama. He shares the triumphs and hardships of 1st grade, gives incredible advice and I think will leave you hopeful for the young generation of kiddos growing up! Listen Listen again Continue Playing Listen later Listen later. Sherold Barr was on vacation in Mexico and was in a horrific accident.

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She shares her work to get back her strength, to re-evaluate what was important and rebuilding her business in a way that worked better for her! We talk resiliency, fear and the steps to combat these issues. Sherold shares how she started her business at a time when people start slowing down and we talk about age and 2nd and 3rd iterations of ourselves.

Courtney Taylor shares how she left her retail management position to pursue her passion with Young Living Essential Oils. Courtney shares the process of how she planned ahead, dreamed of what life could be with more freedom and how she ultimately left her She just hit her 1-year mark and has lived such a full life traveling and being present with her family.

How to Help a Grieving Friend

We talk about the process of dreaming and how powerful positive affirmations are and SO much more! You can connect with Courtney: Email: courtneyleataylor gmail facebook. You can connect with Georgina at: Facebook: facebook. Josh Fakes is the storyteller this week and is actually the final dad in the Father's Day series. Josh shares about losing 9 family members in a short period of time. We dive deep on how he and his wife have had to have extremely hard conversations with each other and also their children. He talks about his faith, walking through the hard times, and also if you are on the fence about God, some REALLY great food for thought.

Josh talks about his amazing church and if you are in the Central Indiana area be sure to check out: ecrossroads. Kelly Dugas shares how at 25 she stopped drinking and has been sober for over 6 years. She shares her story on how she started drinking and then came to this decision and how she is able to continue on the path of sobriety. We talk about how alcohol for her was a relationship and how she was constantly thinking about it, used it for every occasion happy or sad and was drinking daily.

Kelly shares how sobriety has opened her life up to so many possibilities from starting her own business to moving across the country.

Sheryl Sandberg’s new book isn’t just a memoir on grief, it’s a critical guide to reclaiming life

I think her story is incredibly relatable even if you have never had issues with sobriety. There is so much discussion about making a decision and sticking with it to allow for major changes in your life. You can connect with Kelly at: Facebook: Facebook.

Andrea Dawn is the final mama in our mother's day series and goodness does she not disappoint. Andrea shares how she left an abusive relationship with a 4-month-old baby and has figured it all out one day at a time.

She talks about how she has had to navigate parenting without a male figure and how she had to make decisions based on the resources and time that she has had. We talk mom guilt, what is "normal", hurt feelings, perspective and so much more. She shares in such a real and honest way how she has worked through motherhood with no manual. You can connect with Andrea at: Facebook. It is our actions, like simply listening, that can help our loved ones through a difficult time.

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Thank you for writing this! Why is it that we all know that death is one of those inevitable parts of life but then we are so surprised when it happens to someone that we love? I think that there should be a way that we could get more prepared for it, knowing that it is going to happen, but I guess that in some ways there is no way that you could ever prepare for losing someone that you love so much. I have been through it many times, and there have been times that it seemed like such a blessing that the pain was finally over for this person and then there have been times when it felt like the life was cut far too short.

Allowing yourself to go through the entire grief process though and not suppressing nay of that, so much healthier than trying to be stoic and moving on. There is a reason and a purpose to the process, so allow yourself to experience it. We can all be selfish and even knowing that this is better for the person who was hurting does not make it any easier for us here on earth without them.

Very well explained and informative. Grieving is a very hard and sad topic to discuss. Many of us question ourselves about why we even exist or have children. The thought of death causes me to worry, which in turn triggers my headaches and transforms me into an angry person. I become angry because I know I am powerless and cannot prevent death from invading my world; even angrier by the realization that I cannot resurrect a dead love one.

We need to continue this thread because it is powerful enough to help someone who is broken by the passing of a loved one, after all, we know that there is strength in numbers. But this seems to be the only experience ever spoken about. Other loss can be devastating and even more difficult to understand, and it would be good to see that acknowledged and written about more often.

Eventually this too shall pass but only if you do allow yourself to really go through and process all of the steps that grief will leave behind. There will be sorrow, there will be anger, and there will be denial… and if you let yourself fully feel and experience all these things, eventually there can be sunshine in your life again. I am not saying that it will happen quickly but there will come a peace about that loss that makes coping with it all just a little bit easier.

Lessons in Loss: What We Can Learn from Grief

Thank you for reminding us of the silver lining that comes with grief. Several years after losing my dad to cancer I started to have all of these angry feelings like why was he taken and not someone else. I felt like I had to stay so strong for my mother that I did not give myself the chance to experience the same kinds of things that me being there for her allowed her to do. I had to stay strong for her. And eventually that all had to come out and come to the surface because I needed those same chances to process my own hurt and feelings.

This is a very informative article! Grief is indeed an individual experience. We are likely to mourn, or cope with grief, in personal ways.


I appreciate this article! You will definitely learn not to take others for granted quite so much when you have loved and lost someone close to you. By commenting you acknowledge acceptance of GoodTherapy. Leave this field empty. Get Listed Login. Good Therapy. Get Help Learn About. Find a Therapist for Grief Advanced Search. Invalid Email Address. Please confirm that you are human.

I am so glad to have you as my friend…gatekeeper.