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Proud member of AEA. Love and gratitude to all involved in this beautiful production, to all who have shared in her journey, and to her family. Broadway: The Lion King.

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OCU grad. And thank you, Mom, for driving me to ballet class. The Joffrey Ballet of Chicago. Thanks to everyone at Telsey and Marianne Wells. In , he was inducted into the Theatre Hall of Fame. They are three-time Grammy nominees. Council, Dramatists Guild of America. Darko is the Artistic Director of Hartford Stage.

Opera: Most major opera houses. Training: Yale.

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Music training: Harvard Biology degree. Louis MUNY: three seasons. Columbia MFA adjunct professor. Northern Arizona grad. Love to Mom, Dad, Casey, and Morgan. BA, Lehigh University. With offices in the Netherlands, Germany, the U. Love to Will and Sophie.

Hunter Arnold works in film and theater and is the founder and CEO of Artech Holdings, a technology incubator with the mission of supporting the live arts. Since its founding in , The Shubert Organization has been in the forefront of the American theater. Smith, Chairman, and Robert E. Board member of the Dramatists Guild Fund. In addition to his work as CEO of Beachbody. Thank you to my friends and family!

Phil Kenny is a technology attorney, entrepreneur, and co-founder of 42nd. Dedicated with pride to all the immigrants in my family. Thank you, Ancestry friends. Theatrical producing company that owns and operates two theaters in Osaka. UAT has been successfully providing live entertainment from the world market, including theater, musicals, etc. Peter May is President of Trian Partners, an investment firm. He is also a strong supporter of not-for-profit theater. David Mirvish is a theatrical producer who operates four theatres in Toronto.

In loving memory of my beautiful grandmothers. Thanks to TKP, love to boys. Deal With This 3. The Spy Who Wants Me 4. Watch over Me 5. Close Quarters 6. Heatseeker Silver Bella Traditional Greek Husbands 1. The Shy Bride 2. The Greek's Pregnant Lover By His Royal Decree 1. One Night Heir 2. Prince of Secrets Children of the Moon - Contemporary 1.

Come Moonrise Northern Fire 1. Wild Heat 2. Flash Point Mistress to a Millionaire 8. The Billionaire's Pregnant Mistress Greek Tycoons 8. Pregnancy of Passion Italian Husbands The Italian's Suitable Wife DiRinaldi Brothers 1. Surrender to the Sheikh 3. The Sheikh's Bartered Bride Blackmailed into Marriage The director also breaks the codes of cinema by breaking the stage artifacts - men in black move and carry objects to the actors, eventually reducing the latter to the status of puppets. The scenes are visually very strong, colored, symbolic, rough, sometimes showing a certain embarrassment, even defeat.

The weak point is a staging that is sometimes outdated from a functional point of view and sometimes lacking a certain dynamism. Strong point for the music that accompanies the scenes. Forgiveness is also the final point between filial relations. The son forgives his father for his pettiness and his lack of understanding of him.

Lucy Lockhart - Hudl

It goes in this direction, definitely in the adult wor. L masks, both of them take off his disguises and pretenses-the son shaves his father's skull and goatee. It is thus, without artifice and color, in the nakedness of truth, that each one resumes the path which is deeply destined for them. The last scene of the film is thus the exact opposition of the first scene in which the population wore masks. And the departure for France by boat is the whole meaning: he thus reaches Thus, far from the image of romanticism that can sometimes be expected of poetry, it is indeed a rage, sometimes so violent and rough as it is, the desire to be a poet.

Poetry is also an infinite struggle between the desires of others, its own expressions and emotions, like any other unusual profession. It also has this unsuspected power to bring down artifices because it comes from the depths. It is a path that is both mental and poetic.

It is therefore largely artistic and existential. The film is thus the visual language of poetry: the depth of the ideas and the feelings behind the artifice and the musicality of the words, in this case here the scenes and the colors. Corinne LUCY. Movie: "A cure for life", When the ambition of men becomes a danger. Since the dawn of time, from the "birth of man", from prehistory, from the paleotypical era to the present day, man has always been devoured by ambitions whatever they may be.

From the appearance of fire, to rocket constructions, to every invention, Man has always shown creativity, inventiveness, innovation, ingenuity and important research. When these researches help the whole of humanity, they are praiseworthy and beneficial. But some are a true destruction for Humanity. As we have seen in the person of Hitler cf.

Turning around a terrible egocentrism, a pathological megalomania, they are extremely dangerous. Thus, when the ambitions of men become intransigent based on dishonest intellectual and personal disarray, they lead to the loss of an individual, a group of groups, even a population and the whole of humanity. This is what the film shows, A cure for life. A film that is visually well done, the director deals with the accusation of a consumer society, denouncing the most formidable designs of man.

Behind the conquest of eternal youth and the arrogance of men, the film evokes mental manipulation, based on an incestuous relationship, and the criticism of an age without objectivity, both psychologically and physically manipulated men and women. The story takes place in a castle in Switzerland where retired people decide to enjoy their last years of life in a peaceful, beneficent setting.

After a career drum beating in the biggest industrial and financial groups, these ex-employees come to live in autarky taking advantage of calm activities such as yoga, chess games and baths of youth under the apparent kindness and honesty of a doctor , Responsible for this peaceful retreat.

Until the day when a young manager, Lockhart, newly hired in a financial organization, must go by order of the directors in this cure in order to look for one of the managers to sign documents specific to the company. The arrival of this healthy young man in this cure is not without raising a certain problematic in the organization of the cure. With this character, the spectator observes by his side dysfunction, such as among others, the psychological confinement of the retired.

But the discoveries and the doubtful projects will appear in a dotted way until the revelation of the diabolical designs. The director has carefully looked after all the scenes. The visual aspect is particularly well worked. From the immaculate whiteness of the walls of the cure, from the clothes of the nurses, from the placement of the objects to the sophisticated framing of the characters, each scene could be an exposed photo so light is intelligently posed.

The physical aspect and charisma of the characters, the girl and the doctor, are important. Music also has its role. For those who wish to read the rest of the analysis of the film. The problems treated at first glance are the use of the bodies of men and women, enclosed in chloroform caissons for the physician's personal search, the elixir that will enable him to reach eternal youth in a setting , Where the notions of time are deliberately lost, this eternal youth that will allow this doctor to marry his younger sister.

The ambition of the young Lockhart, who will revisit personal projects as he leaves the cure, and the excessive and dangerous ambition of the physician with the pathological aim of being able to remain Young people experiencing the body of the tired elderly, are the aspects both societal and individual tackled.

Founded on contradictory dualities, the presence of the young girl, the only teenager, walled up in a gilded prison inhabited by old men, the young man to whom one mutilates the teeth, the legs, in direct opposition to the doctor, responsible and charismatic , The white and the purity of the whiteness of the cure, oppose the black basements and the most troubling experiments.

Finally, to the water which has all its importance, baths of youth, baths with snakes and serpents will oppose the flaming fire that will come to destroy this cure. In this medical labyrinth, A cure for life is revealed to be interesting and visually important, with a similarity of problematic with the book then film Suskind's Perfume and Night Shyamalan's Visit where old age appears abject and dangerous cf.

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Of 11 October Art judges, reveals, arouses reflection, gives another dimension to the world and looks at history. It also denounces, testifies to the horrors that could have lived here, the Jews in the concentration camps of Auschwitz. Visual testimony, art recounts the cruel facts. It is also a way to endure life, to face it as an ultimate affront to horror. He is recognized as an artist visually retracing the accuracy of the facts.

A Polish Jew, he was naturalized French in Detained at the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp from to , he was employed in a Sonderkommando team. While these teams are regularly exterminated so as not to leave a witness, survives him because his drawings are much appreciated by his SS guards. After the war, he constantly testified of his concentrationary experience by drawing and painting. He showed an early talent for painting and entered the Warsaw School of Fine Arts at the age of 13, despite his young age and the numerus clausus against the Jews. He obtained a scholarship and left Poland for Berlin three years later.

He married Juliette Ventura in , of whom he had a son, Alexander. After his demobilization, he lost his job, the Paramount closing its doors, and he is constrained to the status of the Jews instituted by the Vichy regime. On February 20, , he was arrested by French police during a raid at home. Matricule , he was chosen to be part of the Sonderkommando, the "special commando" whose main role was to remove the bodies from the chambers And to recover any valuable object from the corpses before loading them into the crematorium furnaces. The members of the Sonderkommandos, though relatively better treated than the other prisoners in the camp, were regularly gassed themselves to avoid unpleasant revelations and testimony about the extermination process at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

His talent as a cartoonist holding the interest of the SS, David Olere escapes the death programmed by calligraphing and decorating drawings letters sent by the SS to their families. It retains many places, moments and experiences of the camp, confirmed by the various testimonies that will be found later photos of SS, buried manuscripts of other members of Sonderkommando, testimonies of survivors. Speaking Polish, French, English and German, he also serves as an interpreter to the Germans who, feeling the defeat emerge, do not hesitate to capture the news from London broadcast by the BBC. He learned of the liberation of Paris and Strasbourg.

David Olere, like other members of the last Sonderkommando group, succeeded in mingling with the other prisoners of the camp during the evacuation of Birkenau and Auschwitz on 25 January He then took part in the march of death until At the Austrian camp of Mauthausen. He was released by the US Army only on 6 May. It is his only way to endure the horror experienced and his only motivation to survive. His works are considered a visual testimony of first importance. He died, according to his son Alexander, frightened by the birth of the denialist theses, who do not hesitate to put his own testimony in doubt.

Besides scenes of selection and gassing, concerning groups or individuals, he shows in his work the mines after the evacuation of Birkenau, or even scenes of prayer, having quickly crunched a star of David and a figure of Jesus on Wrapping paper for his comrades in the last winter in Auschwitz. A drawing depicts Jews and Christians praying while a prisoner is watching, this activity being like many others forbidden.

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His drawings are sometimes his only remaining visual documents. When periodic photos made by SS or plans were found later, for example from the furnace room or the crematorium buildings, it turned out that they were superimposable to his drawings, A precision of architect. Although he was called to draw for the SS he shows himself on one of his drawings making a navy on a shade of skin , he obviously could not make sketches on the spot. Sculpture: "Him" - Maurizio Cattelan - When the art troubled, disrupted, embarrassed, provoked, it knows how to arouse observation and attention on our History.

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This sculpture embodying Hitler created by Maurizio Cattelan, Italian sculptor is troubling in many aspects. A rt has this primordial function of arousing reflection. This sculpture is in the first place, exposed from the back in a position similar to a real person. Faced with this sculpture, the character is on his knees, hands joined and looks up. This position would presuppose that he prays or that he is in full reflection, even meditation.

Only the position of his body is an indication but it does not necessarily inform us about what he thinks. How to explain contemporary art, and in this case, this statue to children? In How to talk about the art of the 20th century to children - from modern to contemporary art. I chose the pertinent and striking analysis of this sculpture. You will find here the discourse that it holds when a contemporary work, especially that of Hitler, is observed, commented.

The analyzes are eloquent. He looks like a real person. He behaves more like a living being than a statue. Usually, they face the viewer. But he is not interested in anyone or he does not want us. It is a dressed statue. The resin figure carries real clothes, which is much simpler than imitating them. It is above all a very ancient process to make the sculptured characters more alive, closer to the people. In Spain, for example, the statues of the Virgin or Christ have been dressed for centuries for celebrations or processions. In addition, the artist chose a very ordinary outfit.

Him is dressed like everyone else: in the middle of a group, he would go unnoticed. Why not always show his face right away? His face is not seen at once, so that the spectator is surprised to discover it. So that we may approach without anxiety, out of simple curiosity. The way in which the work is presented is essential: even if the photos obviously make it possible to see it in front, it does not necessarily happen immediately in the museum or in an exhibition.

We must go to him, go around him And it is a shock when one recognizes it, for nothing, absolutely nothing, prepared for it. Who is it? When he realized that Germany was defeated at the end of the Second World War, he committed suicide. It incarnates the denial of all human values, the absolute of racism, hatred and cruelty. He has the same mustache as Charlot: It was fashion at that time. Today, this little mustache seems a little comic. Charlie Chaplin does indeed almost the same in his character of Charlot.

He played the role of Hitler, at the same time as a poor Jewish barber who resembles him to the point that they are confused in the Dictator, a film he made in the United States in What is touching and friendly thanks to one of the characters becomes threatening because of the other. In itself, this mustache is devoid of meaning, but it can trigger totally opposite feelings However, their attitudes highlight a scene characteristic of their life, their personality: Marat assassinated in his bathtub or Michael Jackson singing.

This statue of Hitler, it is not to his glory and refuses to celebrate what it was. That's why she puts him in a position contrary to everything we know about him. Do not we make the statue of the people we usually admire? If, and this is why no statue of Hitler appears in the cities or in the museums To look at this man is not to honor him, but to remember the atrocity of his crimes.

Moreover, this image devoid of expression is also a figure of death: it recalls the funerary masks, at the origin of wax museums. Madame Tussaud, who founded the first of them in London in , had begun his career in Paris, molding on their spoils the faces of the celebrities of the French Revolution. Why does he have a child size and an adult face? There are probably several reasons for this. Perhaps the artist has thus translated an impossibility: that of reconciling the idea of childhood, which one imagines necessarily innocent, and that of absolute crime.

One can not imagine Hitler in the traits of the child he has been. It also raises the question of why and at what point in his life a human being becomes capable of the worst barbarities They were made to believe, to say and to do things that children should never have faced, to make real machines to kill, which still happens today, in other latitudes Why does not the name of Hilter appear in the title? Him" is a way of pointing at someone, pointing the finger at him.

The title of the work is in itself an indictment. But there is more than that: in the Old Testament one should not pronounce the name of God because it is, by definition, unknowable to his creatures.

Him is not God, but takes Himself for Himself by assuming the right of disposing of human life. On the other hand, God in Genesis entrusts Adam with the task of "naming" animals. Giving a name is an essential act which amounts to affirming the existence of a being among the living. The model of Cattelan is dismissed from the community of men by its absence of name. Even if one does not possess these references, one can immediately formulate the meaning of this title: the model is, according to the current language, "unspeakable".

This may be the most sober way of forging a contemporary version of hell. Maurizio Cattelan chose the opposite party from that of the German artist George Grosz who had painted a Hitler overwhelmed in the furnace by the shadows of his victims. He shows a little man in short pants, his shoes well waxed and well laced, as if nothing was harmless, in short Then, like every artist, he recreates history: he puts Hitler "on his knees" and thus condemns him to remain in penance until the end of time.

Source: How to talk about the art of the 20th century to children - from modern art to contemporary art? At the time of the most hot debates of our political news, a possible shift in our vision of the world, an important shift in our governance that could be led by the extreme right, film, Trial of the century is timely because it deals with one of the most terrifying world wars of our century. He returns to one of the problems of historians on the existence or not of the gas chambers during the extermination of the Jews, wanted, determined, fanatized by Hitler's ideology, Nazi during the Second World War, The latter filed a lawsuit in defamation in London, against Deborah Lipstadt.

This process thus returns with unquestionable precision and a documentary approach, on the veracity of the existence of the gas chambers in Auschwitz. This professor tells day after day what a trial in the book Holocaust Denial on Trial of which the film is adapted. This film is in many ways, very important. He returns not only to this terrifying war in memory of the victims of the Holocaust and the way in which the Jews were exterminated but also to the problematic that historians encounter. Indeed, how to narrate, relate history without treason, facts.

At this point, there are also the "Alternatives facts" particularly adapted to our time with the free circulation of information, true and false, via Internet.


This process takes place before our eyes, with real documents to support, exhibits, legal documents listed. As a reminder, Nazi ideology, racist, carried by simplistic arguments and Hitler's oratory art, has, beyond hatred, contempt and defamation, culminated in criminal outcome, Extermination - the "final solution" - decided in , of the Jewish population of Western Europe. The Shoah, a monstrous period in the history of mankind, is an unprecedented psychological and moral trauma, calling into question the values of Western thought reason, progress, sense of history Confronted with the feeling of anxiety and absurdity in the sense of human existence, intellectuals of the second half of the twentieth century asked Adorno , a member of the Frankfurt school: Can we philosophize after Auschwitz?

Thus, the negationist historian, David Irving, denies the existence of these gas chambers thus calling into question the Hitlerite will to exterminate the Jews. Holocaust denial has the vocation of constantly revising the representations that each epoch makes of its past.

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