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The Spartans have a not-undeserved reputation for being extremely tough and disciplined warriors. Less well-known is the fact that their society was built on a huge underclass of semi-enslaved serfs, known as helots, made up of people conquered by the Spartan city-state. The Spartans managed to keep a lid on the understandably seething helots — until a 7.

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The death toll may be exaggerated, but it was still extensive, prompting the helots to seize their chance and rise up against their masters in a revolt so widespread, the Spartans called in help from other Greek states to help put it down. Even in an age of low literacy and no mass media, the earthquake that jolted the island of Crete left cultural and psychological aftershocks that lasted long after the damage had been repaired. Satellite photo of Crete. Now estimated to have been a Magnitude 8. You can read this chilling account by the early historian Ammianus Marcellinus of the sea being at first sucked out, stranding ships and sea life, then roaring back to swamp the land.

And the effects of the quake reached way beyond the island. This harbour complex in the city of Apollonia, in modern Libya, was much more extensive before the tsunami hit. An event that catastrophic has a way of sticking in the public consciousness, and it appears as a backdrop or influence in several sources at the time.

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Even worse, some experts say it could happen again. More than , people were killed when this Magnitude 8 earthquake struck the Chinese province of Shaanxi in It is far and away the deadliest earthquake in all of recorded history. The Hua Shan Mountains. Huge tracts of landscape were uplifted, or collapsed. Liquefaction and landslides swallowed communities that had already had city walls and almost all of their structures razed to the ground.

Some districts reported casualty rates of 50 per cent and more.

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When the shaking finally stopped, millions were homeless, and fires were burning in the ruins. This source says law and order broke down almost completely in some districts, with banditry widespread. Even worse, aftershocks occurred three or four times a month for half a year afterward.

This was no colonial backwater. For that reason, the massive earthquake that struck the region in seemed to many observers to have been an act of divine fury. In a few short instants, two-thirds of the greatest British stronghold in the Caribbean was swallowed by the sea and the earth, much of it now under around 8 m of water. Two thousand people were killed in the initial shock, and another 3, perished due to injury and disease. The city would survive as a shadow of itself for another couple of centuries, but would never recover its economic supremacy.

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Its hands were stopped at a. When Pakistan was struck by a 7.


Pacific Northwest provide first-hand accounts of what happened, describing a huge tsunami that swept villages from the land and claimed countless lives. One nation's account even speaks of a whale that was driven ashore , ending a period of starvation and marking the beginning of the whale hunt. Another account says the shaking loosened the soil so much that people sank into it, while in Canada the wave destroyed at least one village on western Vancouver Island, and destroyed several homes elsewhere.

Source: NOAA. The shaking alone lasted 10 minutes even before the monster wave arrived, swamping the city and adding to a death toll that may have been as high as 50, in Portugal, Spain and Morocco although other estimates put the total lower. Then the fire started. It would have been sparked in part by cookfires in collapsed buildings, but the fact that it was All Saints Day made it worse; Everyone would have been in church, where candles would have been burning. It took days to put the worst of the flames out. Like the Crete earthquake centuries before, the shock of the event reverberated all the way through Europe , which struggled to cope with how such massive destruction could come about.

One good result: The thinking at the time was a bit more scientific, with the Portuguese prime minister even polling churches throughout the land to send in their observations of exactly what happened when the quake hit, another step toward developing the science of seismology. Magnitude 9. The largest and most powerful earthquake ever recorded.

Trinka and Sam: The Day the Earth Shook

If ever there was a Big One, this was it. The monster tremor struck in southern Chile, with a rupture zone 1, km long. It damaged houses beyond repair, raised up parts of the land and wrecked coastal communities. Valdivia, Chile, after the quake. The resulting tsunami travelled along the Pacific coast of the Americas and roared across the Pacific. In Hawaii, vehicles and twenty-tonne rocks were driven inland.

More than 61 people were killed.

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Dozens more were reported dead or missing in the Philippines, and more than deaths were reported in Japan. West Coast. Damage in Hilo, Hawaii. Christmas Store. Christmas Cards. Christmas Gift Finder. Advent Store. Advent Candles. Advent Studies. Advent Calendars. Evangelism Resources. Children's Books. Want it on Tuesday 8 October? Save to List. A Bird's Eye View from Eden The ground shakes and cracks in this exciting story of the Crucifixion that looks what happened when Jesus died and came back to life.

Psalm KJV - Then the earth shook and trembled; the - Bible Gateway

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On the day the earth shook something amazing happened. The earth quaked.