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She helped Julia paint the kitchen walls. She has blue paws. Lulu helped too. She is a white, black and blue cat.

In Loving Memory...

Moses and I know how to paint so we slept on Jean's bed. Moses is a bit miffed because Helen, his favourite vet of all time, has left because she is going to have a kitten he means baby.

101 Dalmatians (1961)

Moses thinks she should stay. He knows what a nuisance a kitten can be. They pinch your food and get away with it because they are cute. The next Saturday - Oh the shame. Pongo got stuck in the stairs chasing Pru. I must loose some weight. Another Saturday - Prudence Kitten is advertising for Felix. This is meee with very scary eyes!!

Julia is no good at editing. Saturday - this is Lulu, Prudence Kitten and me remembering yesterday. I was in charge, of course and we didn't tell them where we had been. Do you remember how Lucy used to get Julia out of a chair by walking over her from arm to arm? Well I am better at it. I am heavier. Wednesday - Another Wednesday, of course. Prudence has got tacking-stitches!. She had her op yesterday and was a bit groggy for 10 minutes and she wouldn't talk to Julia for 2 hours. She doesn't like being shoved in the cat basket and rather took the hump. She is now tearing around like normal.

Wednesday - Pongo has been negligent - he will pull his paw out. Thursday - Pru was supposed to go for her operation next week but she is too light still. Should learn from me and her mum. Friday - Lulu shops till she drops. And Pru can read upside down! Thursday - Prudence Kitten is the best alarm kitten - she sat on John's head this morning.

John and Julia have been closed for a week whilst they decorated the kitchen so us kitties have had soooo much fun. I am a black and white and gloss paint Pongo now. Wednesday - Prudence Kitten is disgraceful - she pulled the net curtain down in the dinning room and now she's eating it. Thursday - this is the kitty that Jean knitted for Emma Bywater. Her Mum, Jane, is our local press photographer. Thursday - Prudence Kitten fell into the bath last night. She made a very big splash for a very small kitten! Saturday - I am teaching Prudence how to become an alarm cat. This morning we learnt a little about human anatomy and physiology.

She now knows where John's bladder is. She might be light but she has highly effective teeny feet. Thinking about it - we could hire her out as a massage cat. Friday - Good grief! He just can't handle the highs and lows now. Thursday - Yesterday morning, we all slept on the bed together! I also enjoy it when we all eat together. We all do circuits of the bowls to check that there are no favourites. This is Puddy - he has been rescued twice! He was my friend in NCP.

He now lives in Knighton. And that is the station cat from Craven Arms only one station away from my home in Church Stretton. Bet we are related. Sunday - Prudence says "I wish they'd change the programme!

The Pongo Fund Pet Food Bank: A True Success Story

Thursday: I am now a fully qualified baby kitty-sitter. Lulu leaves Prudie with me and we play at swinging on curtains not me, I am too stout and chasing round curtains and hiding in curtains. It is sooooo hot that we all sleep together on the landing outside Julia and John's bedroom. That means that when Prudie wakes up she has a very long circuit of bedroom, bathroom, living room, dinning room, three landings and three lots of stairs to whiz around.

Moses gets lost at night and stands by Julia and howls and she cuddles him and tells him where he is. He is 22 in two weeks. Wednesday - it is two weeks since my last post and what a week the last one had been. Lulu and Prudence Kitten arrived last Tuesday and we haven't had a minute's peace since.

Lulu is very shy and reserved. We have had a very pleasant touching of noses. We will become very good friends when she settles in. Prudence is not very shy and neither is she very reserved either. She is a very tiny kitten but she thunders around like an elephant. You can hear her running up and down from in the shop. She is quite sweet but she tried to play with MY ribbon so I told her off. She also tried to play with my tail. We touch noses a lot and I am very well mannered and only give her an occasional tap but she has got to learn about life, hasn't she?

Lulu is the cat who sat on the mat and Pru is on one of her many cushions. Monday - Trevor the Vet gave me a pedicure today - ready for the new girls. This is the first Prudence Kitten. Friday - Guess what? I wonder which one she is in the photo. Julia says she will be called Prudence Kitten. Wednesday - Wow again - Julia has got photos of Lulu and her babies.

I hope she likes me.

First Appearance 1978

Thursday - Thank you Tammy. The old boy isn't so bad either. Thursday - Julia has been Spring Cleaning. I am not amused. She has taken my favourite cover off. She says she is going to bin it! Friday - Julia left my favourite cover on the landing for John to take to the tip.

Review Flow - Into Film

I have reclaimed it. T hursday - I am sick of snow.

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Julia is sick of snow. John is sick of snow. Moses doesn't care. I pinched his prawns today. I don't like prawns but there is a principle here. Sunday - I climbed onto the bed this morning via John's toes. I didn't know he knew words like that. My photo is on the Simon's Cat website and I have 4 'likes' already. Lucy is on there too. She has some babies so we are waiting for them to be a bit older so they can find some lovely new homes.

I am going to be a daddy to Lulu. They are not my babies - I had the chop many year ago.

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Friday - It's snowing again - this means that I can lie by the radiator all day and don't have to pretend I want to go out. The staffie from over Tom's shop tried to eat Julia yesterday.

I ran and hid in the house. Thursday - Oh yes and something else. I met a kitty from next door called Snowy.

She likes to lie on her back and wave her paws in the air. Wednesday, 13th March - Pongo is back after what Julia calls blog problems. She blamed a man called Mr McAfee. I had so much to tell you but I've forgotten. Will have a snooze and think about it. Lucy didn't want to tweet but I like the birdies. Wednesday, 27th February - Julia spent all day yesterday dog-proofing the patio for Moses and me. We exist to help people keep their precious pets in their lives as long as they can, and we work tirelessly to become the best resource for holistic pet care that we can possibly be.

We think this donation is a very exciting event — we are honored to be able to help the Pongo Fund. Many cities have a food bank for humans, but a pet food bank of this size and scope is a very unique thing in this country. There is quite a bit of conversation these days about the homeless situation in Portland, and the things that are and are not being done to help. This amazing service makes a big impact for families facing food uncertainty, both for themselves and their pets.

Sharing your only meal with your pet is a sacrifice many people are willing to make. The stories told by Larry Chusid, the founder of The Pongo Fund are always touching, regularly posting stories in his blog of people who have found themselves in terrible situations yet stay hopeful due to the presence of the pets in their lives. His stories do a valuable service, humanizing the people who are homeless or food challenged and reminding us all that this problem is not faceless. The Pongo Fund is critical to help keep pets with their families and out of the animal shelters when their families are homeless or having a difficult time finding the money to feed their pets.

People can visit the pet food bank in Portland, but the fund also delivers food to distribution points in other parts of Oregon. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Novel Originally owned by Cruella , she was only kept around by Cruella due to how valuable she is. The Dearlys then adopt Cruella's cat. Animated Dalmatians Cruella's cat was planned to have appeared in the animated Dalmatians film by Disney, and does appear in an early draft of the script by Bill Peet; however, her role was cut from the film, possibly to give more focus on the story.